How Residential Design Solutions Takes On Planning Proposals

Before undertaking a design project we would assess the history and context of the site and its surroundings. We research the local planning authority and establish what planning applications previous neighbouring properties have proposed, either accepted or refused. We also examine whether the property is under a Conservation Area, a listed building or within a flood risk zone. These factors would affect the planning applications and additional documentation is required to supplement the proposal. However, such constraints we would guide the client appropriately.
Following the initial site assessment (which can be conducted remotely to be efficient), a site survey would be carried out to gather all the existing dimensions and a photographic survey to document the existing site. Usually within 3 to 5days, the initial drawings are prepared with options for the client to consider and can be discussed with our consultants for the best proposal. We always ensure communication with the clients liaising with them the optimised design solutions, amending drawings to the client’s feedback but making sure that they are feasible for planning application. Once everything is finalised and approved by the client, the application will be submitted to the local authority.

Our consultants at Residential Design solutions submit most applications online using the planning portal. However, there are occasions (usually for larger developments) when it may be necessary to prepare a written application with bound drawings and documents. Please note – Residential Design Solutions cannot guarantee that planning applications will be granted.

What do planning applications require?

Full planning applications include:

All existing drawings of the property (floor plans, elevations, sections)
All proposed drawings (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans)
A detailed Design and Access Statement (if required)
Heritage Statement, Flood Risk Assessment, Arboriculture Report etc (we will advise if these are required for your planning applications)
Site plan and block plan, Ordnance Survey Map
Application forms, Notification letters, CIL Questions

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